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smooth face

Mineral Makeup, Mineral Foundation and Mineral Powders

Welcome to Coloursofdoja mineral makeup, our mineral makeup is lightweight while offering a completely flawless finish without the heavy and masky feeling of traditional liquid makeup. 

With Coloursofdoja the possibilities are endless and exciting; you can get the flawless face you want without spending a fortune.

We are skin- friendly and our products have not been tested on any animals, they are also free from preservatives, dyes, fragrance, oil, bismuth and other chemicals materials which can irritate your skin. It might look like a powder but it covers better than a cream and works with your skin.

With our mineral makeup, less is more. The colours can be swapped for different purposes. You can use our foundation for concealer or our concealer for foundation! You can also make use of the same colours for your eyes, cheeks, lips and even nails.

 At Coloursofdoja we encourage recycling and where possible we will make use of packaging made from recycled paper or plastic, this in no way affects the quality of our products and we encourage you to refill your jars with one of our refill packs rather than binning your used jars (it also costs you less). 

Try something different and discover the natural goodness of ColoursofDoja mineral makeup because there is beauty in nature.